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Non-medical Home Care in Dumfries, VA

NMHC is a service whose goal is to assist people (usually elderly) in their everyday life from the comfort of their homes. Home care can be informal when it is provided by family members or friends, and formal, provided by home care professionals. Non-medical (or custodial, as it is known in some states) care is not covered by Medicare and you need to pay for the expenses by yourself

Is Non-Medical Home Care the Same as Home Health Care?

There are huge differences between home health care and NMHC services. While home health caregivers have a significant level of medical care, a non-medical home caregiver doesn’t need these skills in their work. Some of the services that home health care covers are pain management, medication management, wound care, speech therapy, mobility training, diabetes management, etc.

Non-medical home care caregivers (as the name says) assist the elderly who can’t live entirely on their own. The caregivers help seniors performing daily tasks, while at the same time giving them needed independency. These two types of home care services can easily be combined depending on the patient’s needs.

Non-medical Home Care Services

Depending on the needs of your loved one and on the skills of a caregiver, this list of services can be extended. In a combination with home health services your loved ones will have everything they need, so you can have peace of mind and be sure they are in good hands.

Non-medical Home Care Services

What Non-medical Home Care Services We Offer?

Next Mission Home Care LLC has everything that a senior who lives alone needs. We offer different non-medical home care services, including companion care, homemaker service, personal care, and other non-clinical services. Our caregivers provide social interaction along with:

  • Housework
  • Meal preparation
  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Medication reminder
  • Transportation
  • Doing laundry

Want the best for your elderly? Next Mission Home Care LLC from Dumfries, VA is the answer.

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